Japanese Designs is pleased to bring you our new range of Japanese streetwear. 

Our high-quality clothing and a large selection of Japanese streetwear designs are available in street styles for men and women. We chose the most popular designs that we know you will love and are at the forefront of street style and urban fashion trends.

Japanese Streetwear Origins

Japanese streetwear has grown in popularity since its roots in the early 90’s, or there was a more underground movement of streetwear as far back as the 70’s and 80’s.

The Japanese streetwear was born from Japanese youth culture, the next generation trying to break free from the constraints of traditional strict families and society, breaking the molds of Japanese fashion and creating their own defiant, unconforming style inspired by the Western World.

The streetwear revolution inspired by the self-expression and creativity of Japanese culture originating from the districts of Urahara, Harajuku, and Shibuya, Tokyo has now infiltrated mainstream fashion across the world.

Japanese designs streetwear collection

Japanese designs streetwear collection includes T-Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, and trousers for both men and women, we have a vast selection of popular prints and designs. Our streetwear is popular with surfers, skateboarders, hip hop lovers, and all urban style enthusiasts.