Japanese Designs has a selection of Bento Accessories to help you add a bit of fun and creativity to your Bentos before putting them in your Bento Boxes or Bento Bag.

We have sushi makers, sushi molds, utensil holders, bento bowls and chopstick holders, and more coming soon.

Our Bento Accessories are great for preparing children’s bento lunches and will help encourage even the fussiest eater by making their food fun and appealing. Our sushi molds are available in cute animal shapes that kids will love. Add that to their very own kids-designed bento box and bento bag and they will be in their element.

Or why not try our sushi maker the Sushi Bazooka enabling you to make professional-quality homemade sushi, it’s great for dinner parties and entertaining and you will be the envy of your friends.

Why not take a look at our Sushi Tableware to serve it on and if you’re entertaining we have some great table centerpieces like the sushi boat, sushi board, or sushi bridge to display your handmade delicacies on.


Bento Box Recipes

Why not try some of our Bento Box Recipes!

  • The History of the Bento Box