What is a Bento Box?

A Bento is a boxed meal containing lunch or dinner typically consisting of a protein such as meat or fish and a carbohydrate such as rice or noodles and an assortment of vegetables and fruit. Bento Boxes have multiple individual compartments to separate different food types.

There are many types of Bento Box both traditional and modern, microwavable, refrigerator, dishwasher and oven safe, electric bento boxes, and those themed for children.

What is so great about Bento Boxes

The idea of the Bento Box is that it has individual compartments allowing you to separate different food types and have a portable home-cooked or prepared meal as opposed to the western lunch box of sandwiches and the like.

Bento boxes for kids are an ideal way of giving them a portable home-cooked nutritious meal on the go. Having separate compartments also prevents food from getting soggy.


Why is it called a Bento Box?

The word “bento” was actually derived from the Southern Song Dynasty slang term biàndāng, meaning “convenient.” different cultures favour different dishes to store in the lunch box but the principle is the same, to allow for a home-cooked or prepared meal consisting of a varied and balanced lunch or dinner.


The history of the Bento Box

The origins started in the 5th Century when Japanese farmers, warriors, and hunters stored their lunches in sacks or boxes to take with them whilst they worked in the fields. The original design was based on farmer's seed boxes. 

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Bento Box Recipes

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