Japanese Designs offers a vast selection of Kimono Obis to choose from, the kimono obi is the wide belt that is wrapped around a Japanese kimono.

There are different types of obis to suit different styles of kimono, whether you need an obi for a traditional Japanese kimono, a yukata, a furisode, a tomesode, or a komon kimono we have a great selection of obis to choose from.

We have obis in a variety of materials and styles and they look equally good paired with a boho style kimono or a dress or jeans as they do with a traditional kimono.


What are Obis? A kimono Obi is a belt for a Japanese kimono and they are a big part of the finishing touch and the grand finale of the pristine elegance of the Japanese kimono The obi belt is used to secure the kimono around the body and the kimono is wrapped with the left side over the right except when the wearer is deceased.

Traditional kimono obis are typically made out of silk or satin material but the more fashionable modern style can be made in other materials.

Obis are worn by both men and women to secure their kimonos but the women's kimono obi is much longer than the men's kimono obi.

There are many different ways to tie an obi and there are also a selection of kimono accessories to add to the elegance and finish of a Japanese kimono like the obiage and the obijime

The obiage is an obi scarf, which is a beautiful piece of fabric that is used to cover the makura (pillow) and also serves to secure the bow of the obis.

The obijime is a cord for an obi, the obijime is also used to secure the obi bow and hold everything in place, although they are decorative and used to enhance the look of the Japanese kimonos they are also essential in securing everything in place.

Types of Japanese Obis include:

  • Black Obi
  • Fukuro Obi
  • Hanhaba Obi
  • Maru Obi
  • Nishijin obi
  • White Obi
  • Nagoya Obi