Japanese Designs offer a wide range of Yukatas as part of our Japanese Kimonos collection, both men’s Yukatas and women’s Yukatas for all occasions.

Our Yukatas are a lightweight version of the traditional kimono great for keeping cool in the summer, wearing to the beach, as loungewear around the pool, relaxing at home, or as a dressing gown or bathrobe.

The Yukata is a popular gift choice and comes in a vast selection of both modern Japanese designs and traditional Japanese designs to choose from.

What is a Yukata?

Yukatas are a more relaxed, informal type of Kimono. The Yukata is ideal for wearing in the summer as the unlined cotton fabric is designed to keep the wearer cool in the heat. 

The Yukatas unlike the Japanese Kimono is easier to wear as it is worn without the constraints of the accessories required with the traditional kimono. Which makes them the ideal choice for the first kimono and for tourists to try.

The men's Yukata and women's Yukata are worn differently but for both genders, it is typically worn as everyday loungewear, a bathrobe, and sleepwear. Although the Yukata is commonly used amongst the young Japanese for anime conventions, street festivals, and firework festivals, known as Hanabi.


Origins of the Yukata

Yukata literally means “bathing cloth” and was originally worn by court nobles and used to drape around their shoulders after a bath.

It was later used by warriors as it offered the freedom of movement that the more traditional Japanese attire did not. When public baths opened in Japan the Yukata became popular for the public to wear for the baths.