Cute Children’s Bento Boxes

Japanese Designs has a range of children’s bento boxes in a choice of child-friendly designs and colours that your little ones or not so little ones will love.

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2 Layer Kids Bento Box


Japanese Tableware

Bento Bag Backpack Style


Japanese Tableware

Childrens Bento Box & Bag


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Childrens Owl Bento Box


Japanese Tableware

Cute Canvas Bento Bag


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Cute Cat Bento Bowl


Bento boxes are a great way of providing your children with a healthy and nutritious lunch for school, nursery, school trips or picnics. The great thing about bento boxes is the individual compartments to separate different food types which helps prevent food from going soggy or tainted from other foods.

As well as our children's bento boxes we also have bento bags to keep your bento boxes in. They are so useful for carrying your bento boxes easily, they are strong and durable and can be filled with all your bento treats in a bento box first or straight in the bento bag.

The bento bag makes it far easier for your child to carry their children's bento box around with its convenient handles. The bento bag also retains the freshness, temperature, or coolness of the food for even longer than the bento boxes alone, as the bento bag benefits from being insulated, thermal, and with cooler bag capabilities.

Children's Bento Box Recipes

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