Japanese Designs offer a selection of Womens Jinbei, the Jinbei is a lightweight kimono consisting of a top and trousers typically made from cotton or hemp to keep the wearer cool.

The womens jinbei is designed to be cool and airy and have hatched gaps along the stitching making them ideal as womens pyjamas. These Japanese pyjamas are popular with westerners as they are stylish, comfortable and keep you cool.

In Japan, jinbei are worn both as pyjamas and as casual wear worn to keep cool and comfortable on warm summer nights. The womens jinbei is worn at festivals or at hot springs, where they are put on after a hot bath and worn for the evening and to bed.


Is the Jinbei for men and women?

Traditionally Jinbei were typically worn by men and children but for a long time now womens jinbei have been very popular with a lot of designs made especially for women, although the more kimono styled robe the Yukata is more common for Japanese women to wear out, probably due to it’s more feminine and more traditional Japanese Design. The jinbei is considered a subgenre of the yukata.

A lot of jinbei are considered unisex nightwear as there is very little difference between women's jinbei and mens jinbei except for colour and patterns.

Womens Jinbei Pyjamas

Women's jinbei pyjamas make a great gift for any woman in your life, whether it’s a gift for your mum, sister, daughter or partner, it is a unique and treasured gift idea, whether they love Japan and its culture or just a stylish and memorable gift.