Jinbeis or hippari are worn as nightwear, Japanese pyjamas. Jinbeis or Japanese pajamas are soft and extremely comfortable as well as being stylish making them ideal as loungewear around the house.

In Japan, the young unmarried Japanese wear yukatas to summer festivals and Jinbeis can also be used as a substitute for a yukata.

Pyjama - Jinbei Description

The Japanese pyjamas or Jinbei are worn by men, women and children. The pyjamas consist of a kimono style top with tube sleeves, a long collar, and a side tie with a matching pair of trousers like typical western pyjama bottoms.

.The matching set of pyjama tops and trousers can be short or long in length with a vast option of designs and styles to suit all tastes. All the top resembles a kimono; it doesn’t typically have the traditional overlapping front panel but instead is designed to look like it does.