Yuzu Chicken and Sushi Bento Box

yuzu chicken and sushi bento box

Bring the wonderful experience of Japanese dining to your guests with this yuzu chicken and sushi bento box. This fresh, new recipe is a perfect balance of flavours to bring out the best of these ingredients. Read on and prepare to try something a little different this summer.

Treat a friend or loved one by trying out this yuzu chicken and sushi bento box recipe. Soon everyone will be asking you to make it for them. There is just a little bit of preparation and effort involved, but you will be delighted with the results and you never know, it may even become your signature dish. It is well worth any effort, to experience great Japanese flavours in this tasty bento box.

Never tried a bento box?
Today is the day to see what you are missing out on.

What goes into in this yuzu chicken and sushi bento box?

Have a look at what this Yuzu Chicken and Sushi Bento Box recipe includes:

Chicken with yuzu and sesame
The fresh, beautiful tang of yuzu paired with nutty sesame and a little spice for the chicken.

Crab crystal rolls
Rich, meaty crab paired with fresh herbs and the refreshing crunch of lettuce and asparagus in these beautiful opaque rolls.

Tuna sashimi
The simple but delightful dressing to accompany the fresh sashimi, enhancing the flavour of this lean fish.

Salmon and avocado maki
A classic and golden combination that always goes down a treat.

Vegetable maki
The delicately spicy and well-balanced flavours paired with earthy tahini set off these vegetable maki.

Picked vegetables with seaweed and edamame
Can you really have a bento box without edamame? This palate-cleansing pickled vegetable and seaweed salad is the perfect side accompaniment.

Cucumber sesame and spring onion salad
Sets off the sushi and chicken nicely with this fresh and zingy salad.

Make it the part by packing it in a beautiful bento box, take it out as a picnic, or simply serve at home on some of our striking Japanese Tableware for you and that special someone.

What are you waiting for? Grab your bamboo mat and sharpest knife or take a look at our sushi maker, sushi molds and sushi tableware and get prepping.

Recipe Tips:

Read the Yuzu Chicken and Sushi Bento Box recipe fully a couple of times before starting to familiarise yourself with the steps.
For the crystal rolls, you need only dip them in warm water for a few seconds. They will soften further while you add the other ingredients and will be ready to roll up after filling.
For the sushi rolls, have all your sliced ingredients ready to go and nearby to make assembly easier.
Also, have a bowl of water to dip your hands into to help spread the rice onto the nori.
Use your sharpest knife to cut the rolls.
Take out of the fridge 20 minutes before serving so it is not too cold.

And remember, have fun!

As a note, remember to always source sushi-grade fish that you are planning on eating as sashimi. Talk to your local fishmonger or look out for websites that offer to deliver fresh fish straight to your door.

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