Tonkatsu Bento – Japanese Pork Shnitzel – Bento Box

Tonkatsu bento - bento box

Tonkatsu Bento – Are you a meal planner? Maybe you like to have all your dinners ready for the week, or perhaps you’re just trying to save money on eating out each lunchtime? Japanese Bento Boxes are perfect for this, with their separate compartments to store the different food types, you can prep delicious and convenient meals to go or to have ready as a pre-prepared/ pre-cooked take-out meal for when you get home from work.

You may have seen some of the TikTok or YouTube videos of people making these beautiful lunches, with animal shaped sushi molds for rice and other food to add some fun to your cuisine, or sushi makers helping you make professional quality sushi.

With so many delicious combinations and recipes available, we have found the perfect lunchtime and pre-prepped dinner meal to enjoy! The Tonkatsu Bento, or Japanese Pork Shnitzel, will have you excited and ready to tuck into your Bento Box from the moment that you prepare it.

This Bento Box, is easy to make and you only need a few ingredients to make this delicious but simple lunchtime treat, or homecooked take-out meal. These individual meals in their attractive Bento Boxes make cooking for one, or your whole family easy. Not only can use your leftovers from dinner, but you can also make these boxes as healthy as you like, with salads, raw or pre-cooked vegetables, or even fruit. You can prepare these boxes for a whole week with fresh ingredients.

We love this wonderful Tonkatsu Bento recipe, and we have added some variations for the sides so that you choose your favourite Bento Box combination for your lunchtime or pre-cooked take-out meal.

Tonkatsu is a breaded pork cutlet, or as we know it in English, pork schnitzel. This Bento Box can be prepared with leftovers from dinner for lunch the next day, or prepared and cooked in advance. It is intended to be eaten at room temperature as they do in Japan, which means that can you take it with you in the morning, and you don’t need to heat it for lunch, especially if you keep your bento box in one of our bento bags to help retain the heat for even longer. Balance out your Bento Box with cooked rice, a variety of vegetables, and/or a salad, as well as the tonkatsu sauce.

Here is a wonderful recipe, with some variations so that you choose your favourite Bento Box combination to suit your own individual preferences. This is what you could add to your Tonkatsu Bento Box.

Tonkatsu Bento Box Ingredients

Tonkatsu (breaded pork schnitzel) – leftovers from dinner, or cooked ahead
Tonkatsu sauce
Cooked rice
Fresh veggies – raw or pre-cooked
Shredded cabbage
Potato salad
Fresh salad with tomatoes

Make your bento box look pretty, allow the rice to cool before adding the other ingredients, place the different colours of the dish close together to make your Bento Box Instagram worthy, and add foods with contrasting colours. also the more colours there are from the vegetables and salad, the healthier the box is.

If you haven’t tried Bento Boxes yet, we highly recommend them, they are a great way to enjoy your lunch or to eat healthily at home, with pre-prepared meals. We have a selection available on our site or take a look at our Japanese Tableware to serve your bento at home.

Bento Box Recipes

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