Homemade sushi recipes

Homemade sushi recipes

Homemade Sushi Recipes – Sushi is a popular food choice for people all over the world. This traditional Japanese food consists of rice, paired with seafood or vegetables, with the presentation being a key part of the dish. It is eaten cold, using fingers or chopsticks, and often served in bitesize pieces.

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Contrary to popular belief, sushi does not have to contain raw fish to be classed as traditional sushi, although this is an enduringly popular type. The part of the dish that makes it sushi is the rice and what you eat it with, is up to you!

Sushi Rolls

Homemade sushi recipes are surprisingly simple to make. To make your own sushi, you simply need to make the rolls and fill them with rice and other ingredients of your choice. To do this, the first thing you need is a sheet of nori seaweed and some cooked, warm sushi rice. The reason for it being warm is that it will be stickier and therefore easier to work with.

Place the seaweed shiny side down on either a sushi mat or take a look at our new sushi maker, making sushi super easy to make:

or if you don’t have one, a clean, damp kitchen towel. Grab a bowl of water and add a little vinegar, then dip your fingers in the water and spread the rice on top, leaving an approximate 2cm edge. Place your fillings of choice on top of the rice in the middle and then dip your fingers again, ready for rolling.

Next, you need to pick up the edge of the damp towel and roll it over the filling, using your fingers to keep the filling in place. Keep rolling, until you have a complete roll, and then to ensure the roll stays in position, moisten the edge with the vinegar water which will help to keep it stuck together. Next, you need to moisten a sharp knife with the vinegar water and slice it into bitesize pieces.

Homemade Sushi Recipe Tips

If you want to make sure the slices stay in perfect shape, wrap the entire roll in clingfilm first, then slice it and remove the clingfilm when ready to serve.

Sushi Recipe Ingredients

The joy of homemade sushi recipes is that you can add all your favourite foods and leave out what you don’t like. Some foods can be a little dry on their own, so you may wish to spread the seaweed sheet first with some sauce, or Japanese mayonnaise. Popular fillings include cucumber, carrot, pepper, almonds, and seeds.

Smoked Salmon Sushi

Smoked salmon is a popular ingredient for sushi and great for making pressed sushi which doesn’t need the seaweed sheet. To make your own, simply, line a loaf tin with some cling film. Layer the smoked salmon on top, followed by a thick layer of rice. Fold over the cling film and then using a second tin, press down as hard as you can. Tip it out on a chopping board, rather as you would a sandcastle, then slice it into fingers, before removing the cling film. Decorate with a slice of cucumber or avocado.

Sushi Balls

This is another type of sushi where you don’t need the seaweed sheet. Sushi balls are balls of rice, topped with another ingredient such as prawns, avocado, or any other food choice. First, you will need to roll the rice into a ball, then place the topping on top. A good tip is to do this with slightly damp hands.

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To serve your homemade sushi recipes, provide some soy sauce for extra flavour, and why not choose one of our sushi tableware range to serve your Homemade Sushi Recipes:

Sushi Tableware for your Homemade Sushi Recipes

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Bento Boxes and Bento Bags for Homemede Sushi Recipes

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