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Yuzu Chicken and Sushi Bento Box

yuzu chicken and sushi bento box

Bring the wonderful experience of Japanese dining to your guests with this yuzu chicken and sushi bento box. This fresh, new recipe is a perfect balance of flavours to bring out the best of these ingredients. Read on and prepare to try something a little different this summer. Treat a friend or loved one by […]

Tonkatsu Bento – Japanese Pork Shnitzel – Bento Box

Tonkatsu bento - bento box

Tonkatsu Bento – Are you a meal planner? Maybe you like to have all your dinners ready for the week, or perhaps you’re just trying to save money on eating out each lunchtime? Japanese Bento Boxes are perfect for this, with their separate compartments to store the different food types, you can prep delicious and […]

Mackerel Sushi – Bento box

Mackerel Sushi - Bento Box

Mackerel Sushi – Japan is a country of opposites and contradictions. Both traditional and inventively modern with beautiful landscapes and bustling cities, Japan holds something for everyone and the food is as varied as the country itself. With a history of a largely vegetarian diet, Japan is renowned for fresh, seasonal ingredients and light, healthy […]

Homemade sushi recipes

Homemade sushi recipes

Homemade Sushi Recipes – Sushi is a popular food choice for people all over the world. This traditional Japanese food consists of rice, paired with seafood or vegetables, with the presentation being a key part of the dish. It is eaten cold, using fingers or chopsticks, and often served in bitesize pieces. These homemade sushi […]

What is a Shokado Bento Box?

Shokado Bento Box

Shokado Bento Box – When it comes to Japanese cuisine, even tiny differences make a big impact. If you are a fan of Bento Boxes – the classic Japanese lunch box – there are a few different types to choose from, including the Nori, Hinomaru and Makunouchi varieties. But there is another one you should […]

Easy Bento Recipes

Easy Bento Recipes

If you are a fan of Bento food, or totally new to the concept, Bento meals are easy to prepare, totally delicious and full of nutrition, so here are some easy bento recipes ideal for your bento boxes or bento bag to get you started. A Bento meal is a single portion of food, often […]

Shokado Bento Recipes – Bento Box

Shokado Bento Recipes

If you’re in the mood for a culinary treat, a Shokado Bento box will not disappoint as it will be full of premium Japanese delicacies – a kind of mini banquet served in a beautiful partitioned box. A range of different dishes go into making a bento of this type and here we will give […]