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Japanese Designs offers Japanese culture and style to your wardrobe and around your home. We offer both traditional and modern Japanese clothing from Japanese Kimonos to Japanese Streetwear at affordable prices. We also offer beautiful and practical Japanese Tableware and Home Decor.

Japanese Streetwear

Japanese Streetwear gives you a real feel for the grassroots fashion that epitomises Japanese youth culture. It was born on the streets of Tokyo and across Japan by the young Japanese fighting against the constraints of strict traditional families. Japanese street fashion is the most profound and edgy street style of all time. It is a youth movement, a revolution against tradition, a new style.

We have a vast collection of Japanese Streetwear available including Japanese streetwear hoodies, trousers, t-shirts, jackets, kimono cardigans and our new Techwear Gear range.

Japanese Kimonos 

Japanese Designs has a vast selection of Japanese Kimonos both traditional and modern, including Yukatas, Furisode, Komon, and Tomesode kimonos, a selection of Kimono Accessories including Obis, the Kimono belts to tie around the waist, and Getas, traditional Japanese shoes. We also have Jinbeis which are traditional Japanese pyjamas available in men’s Jinbeis and women women’s jinbeis and a very popular range of sexy kimonos.

Japanese Tableware

Japanese Designs offers Japanese Tableware in a selection of beautiful traditional and contemporary Japanese designs.Including sushi dishes, sushi boards, sushi bridges and sushi boats which are great table centrepieces for entertaining. Condiment sets, tea sets, serving plates all with beautiful designs and patterns.

Bento Boxes

We have a range of Bento Boxes to suit everyone including microwaveable, electric, multiple compartment bento boxes. We have now launched a collection of Bento Bags to easily carry your bento box in, they benefit from being thermal and insulated which preserves your food for longer. There is also a selection of Bento Accesories to make your bento even more fun and appealing.

Japanese Homeware

Check out our new Japanese Homeware collection including wall art decor, throws and ore with typical Japanese influences like Sakura – cherry blossom.